Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find the answers to the most common questions about Capifil’s 3D filaments. Got a specific query? Please contact us by email at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Capifil gives you the answers

1Where are Capifil’s 3D filaments made?
Capifil’s 3D filaments are made in Isère, France, at our extrusion site in Cras (38210).
2How long does it take for an order to be processed?
All orders placed on our online shop or received by email are dealt with within 48 hours.
3What are the delivery times?
Delivery is guaranteed within a maximum of five days in France, from when the order is received. For countries in the EU, delivery takes around 10 days. If it is urgent, please call us so that we can choose the best form of express transport.
4Can I group together with other people to place my order?
You are very welcome to group together with other people to benefit from free delivery for orders of over €95 including VAT.
5What size order qualifies for free delivery?
Delivery is free for orders from €95 including VAT.
6Do you have a customer service team? How do I contact them?
For any questions, delayed deliveries or printing advice, you can contact Héléna on +33 7 86 96 27 93.
7Do you have a list of rates for professionals?
If you need industrial quantities, please contact us on +33 7 86 96 27 93.
8Is it possible to print Capifil’s 3D filaments with all 3D printers?
Our filaments are tested and can be used with all models of 3D printers regardless of the brand - except for printers configured and restricted to only accept own-brand filaments.
9Where can I find the printing parameters?
All the printing parameters are shown:
- on the spool labels
- on the downloadable PDF technical data sheets. These can be found on the document resource page or directly on the relevant product pages on our website.
These printing parameters are standard instructions, observed during our various tests. It is possible that some adjustments may be necessary depending on the model and the object printed.
10What is the purpose of the double packaging?
The primary packaging, the vacuum packing, effectively protects the spool from humidity and therefore allows you to store it for a long time, without affecting its properties. The cardboard box protects your 3D filament from impact during transportation.
11How should you store Capifil 3D filaments?
Capifil advises you to store your 3D filament in its original packaging. For spools that have been started, we recommend you store them in a dry location. If your spool is exposed to humidity, it can still be dried in a low oven. To dry it, it is best to use a drying box for 3D filaments.

If you use a normal oven, we advise you to dry at 50° for around three hours. Important note - never exceed this temperature, or you risk warping the spool.
12How do I become a reseller of Capifil 3D filaments?
Do you have a 3D printing project, including sales of 3D filaments in a physical shop or online? Do you run a FabLab and want to offer 3D filaments to your members? Please call us on +33 7 86 96 27 93: we will share our partnership conditions and give you all the information you need.