Industry & 3D printing
Raw materials and custom products

Plastic extrusion products have many industrial applications, and some, such as plastic granulate or 3D filament, can even be used as raw materials. The mechanics and micro-mechanics industry, prototyping, 3D printing, plastics processing... all of these sectors place their trust in Capifil and are loyal to our “Granulate & 3D filament” ranges. A permanent stock of standard products and short delivery timeframes.

With over 25 years of plastic extrusion experience, Capifil offers a wide range of plastic threads, 3D filaments and plastic granulate with a variety of dimensions, flexibility levels and colours. ISO 9001 certified quality process.

- A wide range of products suitable for industry

High-performance extruded products:
. Plastic filament
. Plastic thread for 3D printing
. Plastic granulate

- A variety of Industry applications

. Granulate: deburring or smoothing thermoset or soft metal (zinc, aluminium, etc.) parts
. 3D filaments: creating prototypes through 3D printing

Small, medium or large series of high-quality extruded products, 100% French manufacturing, meeting the technical requirements and constraints of the industrial sector.


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