3D Filament
Plastic filament and plastic thread for 3D printing

Developed in close collaboration with a French research centre specializing in innovative technical materials, our range of 3D filaments has many applications in an industrial setting, such as for use as a raw material in 3D printing.

- Materials

. PLA (plant origin), ABS or filled technical materials

- Dimensions

. Ø 1.75 and Ø 3.0 mm

- Technical characteristics

. Transparent or coloured
. Delivered on a spool
. On request, custom criteria: biodegradable formula

- Capifil expertise

The manufacturing of plastic thread for 3D printing and 3D filaments requires solid expertise in the formulation of materials and load preparation. With 25 years of experience in plastic extrusion, CAPIFIL is a partner of choice who can advise you and guarantee a high quality of production. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Capifil offers a wide range of 3D filaments and plastic thread for 3D printing, with a wide selection of materials and colours.

3D filament is used in many industrial sectors, such as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, This manufacturing technique can serve any sector: industry, medicine, research, decoration, furniture, etc.






Technical products, custom products, innovative products... Capifil guarantees that its products are reliable and effective, thanks to its unique plastic extrusion expertise and a company-wide commitment to quality. .