BPW – Equipment
Making your buildings and buried networks smarter!

The advent of super-fast broadband and fibre optics, the digitization of building communication functions, the proliferation of ever more complex networks, the optimization of energy consumption... all of these factors help position cabling as a key element in the BPW of the future.

With over 25 years of experience in plastic sheathing, Capifil will assist you in developing smart, scalable and durable solutions. ISO 9001 certified process.

- A wide range of products suitable for BPW and Equipment

High-performance extruded products
. Protective sheathing for buried electrical cables
. Smart cables with detection systems
. High temperature resistant cables
. Electrical wires, insulated conductor wires...

- A wide range of products for a variety of applications

. To facilitate the detection of buried networks
. To optimize space in cable pathways
. To find innovative solutions that guarantee safety and operating performance
. To provide a suitable solution to changing standards
. To reconcile technical performance and economic constraints...

Small, medium or large series of high-quality extruded products, 100% manufactured in France, that meet the requirements and technical constraints of the BPW and Equipment sector.


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