Transforming cars with digital and electronics…

A constantly changing market with a high concentration of electronic and digital evolutions, automobiles and the connected vehicles of the future continue to draw the attention of the public and of industrial players. Vehicles are more and more sophisticated and are moving into the era of the Internet of Things, which requires an ever-higher level of technology.

With over 25 years of plastic extrusion expertise, Capifil can assist you in your innovations and in the search for smart solutions. ISO 9001 certified process.

- A wide range of products for the Automotive sector

High-performance extruded products
. High-tech wires and cables, specialized cables,
. Fluid transport tubes, insulating plastic tubes,
. Plastic profiles and piping,
. Sliding sheathing, etc.

- Expertise at the cutting edge of technology

. To meet the most exacting specifications
. To reconcile technical sophistication and respect for the environment
. To guarantee complete control of mechanical and chemical resistance factors
. To optimize conduction parameters, etc.

Small, medium or large series of high-quality extruded products, 100% French manufacturing, meeting the technical requirements and constraints of the automotive sector.


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