Plastic sheathing
Cables with added value!

A specialist in plastic sheathing, Capifil deposits coatings on many conventional or high-tech materials: stainless tubes or wires, copper, aluminium, PTFE, mechanical cables, textile fibres, fiberglass, lead, RFID chips... for a wide range of applications.

- Materials

. Conventional and technical plastic materials (PVC, PE and PP) . Technical plastic resins (POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA 11 and 12, ABS, PC, TPE, PU, Megolon….)

- Dimensions

. Plastic sheathing 0.1mm to 5mm thick on all materials

- Technical characteristics

. Round or flat shape, smooth, grooved or serrated surface
. Flexible or rigid
. Transparent or coloured, matte, satin or glossy finish.
. Delivered cut to the required length, in sleeves, rolls or drums.
. On request, custom resistance criteria: temperature, shock, tearing, warping, abrasion, chemical or fire resistance, etc.

- Capifil expertise

With a highly specialized plastic sheathing manufacturing process and suitable machinery, CAPIFIL can deposit a few tenths of a millimetre of plastic coating on a steel wire or a synthetic fibre, or up to a few millimetres on all kinds of flexible or rigid materials. Based on your specifications or requirements, Capifil can offer one or multiple technical solutions that are perfectly suited to your project.

Each plastic sheathing operating is unique and depends on the material to be covered and the technical characteristics required. Capifil will advise you and meet all of your requirements.

Thanks to its many functions, its protective, insulating and aesthetic properties and its rigidity, plastic sheathing can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Protective sheathing for buried electrical cables, electrical wires, insulated conductor wire, smart cables with detection systems, high temperature resistant cables, etc.


Clutch cables, brake cables, pull cables, control cables for gear boxes, etc.


Safety cables, components for high temperature resistant cables, smart sheathing with detection systems, etc.

Technical products, custom products, innovative products... Capifil guarantees that its products are reliable and effective, thanks to its unique plastic extrusion expertise and a company-wide commitment to quality. .