CAPIFIL 3D filament in the spotlight on NOZZLER

CAPIFIL 3D filament in the spotlight on NOZZLER

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Great meeting with Guillaume Mercier, 3D printing enthusiast and blogger on, the website of good deals for makers.

Reading time : 2 minutes
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

What is Nozzler? (

A team of volunteer enthusiasts who test, explain and analyse 3D filaments, printers and all additive manufacturing tools. In short, good tips for makers, but above all, a mine of technical information and tutorials. So we at CAPIFIL were all happy when they contacted us and we were able to discuss with them our filament and our current projects! It’s always exciting and very rewarding for a manufacturer to have direct feedback from users, especially when they are professionals and know what they are talking about.


How are tests done at Nozzler?

It is necessarily Nozzler that contacts you! First of all, a telephone interview allowed us to get to know each other better, to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and to explain our product range and our objectives. For us at Capifil, time flew and we talked for over 45 minutes! About who we are, our values, the history of our “100% French” 3D filament range with our desire to offer a quality filament, easily printable and with excellent repeatability. And of course all the tests in-house and with makers which have enabled us to achieve the desired quality.

Then we sent the test reels… and Nozzler tested the products – independently and autonomously. Here again, even if we are convinced of the quality of our products, we were still eagerly awaiting the results and the debriefing of the tests.


The CAPIFIL PLA filament: at the top!

The tests came back: and, we must admit, here at CAPIFIL, we were “bluffed” on the attention to detail and precision of these tests. Everything was scrutinised, photographed and checked. And finally, an article so complete, that it would have its place on our website!


In short, a high level test process, and for us, the satisfaction and pride of receiving praise from NOZZLER: “Is the Capifil worth it? Clearly yes, and a big YES! It joins my top 3 filaments that I’ve had on hand, because of its precision, its solidity once printed, the superb colour, it’s the filament for demanding makers! ” Guillaume Mercier.


Read the Nozzler article: click here

Nozzler teste Capifil - visuel 1Nozzler teste Capifil - visuel 2Nozzler teste Capifil - visuel 3


So a big thank you to the NOZZLER team for this test, which highlighted our industrial know-how – made in France.

See you soon !

The Capifil team.


Directrice Marketing CAPIFIL