A 100% French mask at an affordable price

A 100% French mask at an affordable price

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A project carried out by the Lemoine group, European leader in hygiene products, and Edouard Leclerc retailer, a mask,100% French, at a competitive price compared to its Chinese counterpart, will be on the market in the coming days.

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CAPIFIL - fabrication masque français Primoplast
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

A team of industrial French suppliers

Manufactured in Athis-Val-de-Rouvre in Orne (61) in Normandy on the Lemoine Group site, these Type II surgical masks comply with the EN 14683 standard and have a filtration level of 98%. They are also packaged in an FSC-certified cardboard box.

The components are all from French suppliers: the meltblown (filtering material) is manufactured in Haute-Savoie, the outer veils in Haut-Rhin, the elastics in Nord and the nose clip in Isère – at CAPIFIL’s site in Cras.


CAPIFIL is reinforcing its production of nose clips, to meet the needs of the market

Beginning in April 2020 during the first months of lockdown, the production of nasal clips has only intensified since then. Indeed, as the health crisis is unfortunately still ongoing, the need for masks remains high, for both health care workers and the general public. CAPIFIL has put all its industrial and human resources into meeting the challenge and the demand. The installation of a new production line, operational since last April, allows us to be even more reactive and to have a production capacity of 2.3 billion clips per year.


CAPIFIL, partner in French and European mask manufacturing

Today, a large number of French mask manufacturers trust Capifil and use nasal clips on their production lines. Recently approved by the UK Department of Health and also selected by some German mask manufacturers, Capifil nasal clips meet the requirements of the European mask industry:

– Test sample and technical support at start-up

– Product quality, adaptability, reactivity

– Continuous production certified ISO 9001

– On-time delivery throughout Europe.

What about tomorrow?

“Our commitment to producing nasal clips from the first lockdown was obvious to us: we had to supply masks for the carers at all costs and we made great efforts to convert our lines and find an efficient industrial process. We didn’t think that this production would last. Today, the most worrying point is the supply of materials, made very difficult by the worldwide shortage of raw materials. The mask market will still be a major market for our company in 2021… but we hope that this will not be the case next year! We all hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible and that the health crisis will be a distant memory”. Véronique Barbarin, General Manager Capifil.

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