Leather goods – Luggage
Quality parts to reinforce your creations

Combining elegance, refined design and durability is the motto for the major brands of the leather goods, furniture and saddlery sector. Plastic piping, which can be used for sewing canvas, cloth or leather, is an incredibly important component in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.

With over 25 years of experience in plastic extrusion, Capifil offers a wide range of piping in a variety of sizes and colours. ISO 9001 certified process.

- A wide range of products for leatherworking

High-performance extruded products
. Plastic piping,
. Plastic tubes,
. Plastic rods,
. Plastic profiles.

- 100% French

Meeting even the strictest specifications
. Ensuring a high level of quality
. Offering a wide selection of dimensions and colours
. Ensuring responsiveness with regard to production and delivery timeframes...

Small, medium or large series of high-quality extruded products, 100% French manufacturing, meeting the technical requirements and constraints of the leather goods, luggage, saddlery and sailing sectors.


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