Quality process
ISO 9001 certified since 1998, Capifil places quality at the core of its requirements.

More than a mere quality standard, Quality is an everyday reality that requires a common will. Capifil strives for complete customer satisfaction and has made Quality its paramount goal, shared by all employees regardless of station or qualifications.

ISO 9001 certification since 1998

ISO 9001:2015 certified, Capifil has a quality department that ensures compliance with standards and processes. Quality management, based on strict, effective organization, guarantees the complete traceability of operations, regular monitoring of indicators and a desire for continuous improvement with the aim of eliminating nonconformities. The quality process is audited on a yearly basis by Bureau Veritas.

Quality: an operational reality

- Un outil de production performant : les outillages d’extrusion sont conçus par CAPIFIL et fabriqués par des partenaires sélectionnés avec rigueur.
Effective production equipment: the extrusion equipment is designed by CAPIFIL and manufactured by carefully-selected partners. - A high quality of service based on cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials.
- A commercial dynamic based on availability, efficiency and customer focus.
- Tests carried out at all stages, from design to manufacturing, as well as in post-production.
- Regular updating and monitoring of indicators.

Employee involvement

The quality approach requires everyone’s collaboration. This is based on human values such as involvement, discipline and skills. From the receipt of raw materials to the completion of the production process, Quality monitoring and control form a part of the standards followed on a daily basis by the entire Capifil team. Quality training programs are regularly followed by all employees.

Zumback laser measurement system
Optical regulation system

Sparker electrical non-conductivity detection system
Scrap + production waste recycling and storage unit

Electronic scale, durometer

« Quality and innovation are connected and benefit
à both the company and its partners. »

Technical products, custom products, innovative products... Capifil guarantees that its products are reliable and effective, thanks to its unique plastic extrusion expertise and a company-wide commitment to quality. .