Plastic piping
A product with multiple applications!

Constantly in evolution, CAPIFIL wishes to develop a new range product : the plastic piping. This tube or strands with a flat tongue form a hem used in many fields. CAPIFIL offers large range of technical extruded plastics products as strands, tubes and jacket.

- Materials

. Traditional plastic materials (PVC, PE)

- Thickness :

. Tubes or strands Ø 2,5 to 5 mm
. Tongue Length 5 to 10 mm

- Technical characteristics

. Flexible
. Transparent or 4 standard colors. On request: any color
. Delivered in rolls

- Capifil expertise

Manufacturer of plastic piping and flexible pvc piping, CAPIFIL has tools adapted to offer you a wide range of solutions .Capifil is a partner of choice for specific plastic piping request. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Capifil offers a wide range of piping and plastic thread for 3D printing, with a wide selection of materials and colours.

The plastic piping is used in many areas for its ease in being sewn or glued and its resistance
to tearing.


Use with fabrics, fabrics or leather, for all types of bags and suitcases. Furnishings, haberdashery, sporting goods,etc.


Saddlery, decoration, sealing piping,etc.


Baby seat, baby transport material, parka, industrial boots ...

Technical products, custom products, innovative products... Capifil guarantees that its products are reliable and effective, thanks to its unique plastic extrusion expertise and a company-wide commitment to quality. .