Plastic granulate
A key product for many industrial applications

CAPIFIL manufactures and commercializes its own line of plastic granulate (polyamide) for the deburring, smoothing and cleaning of all kinds of parts made out of thermosetting or soft materials (zinc, aluminium, etc.).

- Materials

. Standard plastic granulate made directly from polyamide extruded rods

- Dimensions

. Cylindrical (Ø 0.55 to 2.00 mm) or cubic (0.55 to 2.00 mm) in shape

- Technical characteristics

. Rigid
. Standard product is natural or red. Other colours on request.
. Can be used for highly effective deburring or smoothing that does not damage the parts, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

- Capifil expertise

With a highly precise plastic granulate manufacturing process and suitable machinery, CAPIFIL can produce all kinds of granulate. A stock of standard plastic granulate colours is available.

Capifil offers a wide range of plastic granulate, with different shapes and dimensions, for various uses.

Plastic granulate is widely used in the plastic industry, and more specifically for the deburring of thermosets and composites, as well as in soft metal processing sectors.


Sandblasting, deburring, cleaning of thermoset parts, finishing work.


Sandblasting, deburring and finishing of parts made from soft materials.


Sandblasting, deburring and finishing of aeronautical parts.

Technical products, custom products, innovative products... Capifil guarantees that its products are reliable and effective, thanks to its unique plastic extrusion expertise and a company-wide commitment to quality. .