Medical device components
Wire nose clips for masks

The manufacture of medical devices requires quality components that meet precise specifications. Some components require plastic extrusion and Capifil has demonstrated its know-how in this field.

With more than 25 years of expertise in plastic extrusion, Capifil can assist you in your innovations and the search for intelligent solutions. Process certified ISO 9001.

- Medical devices

. Components for masks: wire nose clips for surgical mask and FFP2 mask. 1-wire nose clips and 2-wire nose clips.
. Components for medical devices: cords for earplug, cleaning rods for endoscope and gastroscope, extrudes high performance products.

- Consistent quality

. Meeting the most demanding specifications,
. Use of medically approuved materials,
. Optimising functions and uses,
. Produce in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. etc.

Small, medium or large series, high quality extruded products, 100% French manufacturing, Capifil range products are in compliance of medical device components and masks suppliers standards.


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