Cabling – Telecom
Working together to build the telecommunications of the future!

Breakthrough innovations, incremental innovations, technological revolutions... the Cabling and Telecom sector, particularly in connection to the deployment of super-fast broadband, is a field rich in innovation, with high stakes in terms of solutions’ performance, installation costs, environmental impact, etc.

In a sector in which materials and equipment are constantly evolving, having a partner who is an expert in plastic extrusion can make all the difference. With over 25 years of experience, Capifil can assist you in designing your custom cabling projects. ISO 9001 certified process.

- A wide range of products for Telecom

High performance extruded products
. Network cables, security cables,
. High temperature resistant cable components,
. Smart sheathing with detection systems, etc.

- Expertise on the cutting edge of technology

. Assistance with network transformation
. Assurance that data is transmitted in suitable volumes and at suitable speeds
. Research, advising and manufacturing of custom specialized cables
. Flexibility and responsiveness in manufacturing timeframes

Small, medium or large series of high-quality extruded products, 100% French manufacturing, meeting the technical requirements and constraints of the Cabling & Telecom sector.


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