A specialist in plastic extrusion, Capifil can assist you from design to manufacturing.

An expert in plastic extrusion and co-extrusion, Capifil offers a wide range of plastic products: plastic sheathing, tubes, rods, piping, filament, granulate... all products are custom-extruded to meet your requirements.

Innovation and expertise

- Technical expertise in plastic extrusion: Capifil assists you with the design, industrialization and manufacturing of your extruded products.
- Control over the entire manufacturing process, from the choice of forms and materials to the final quality inspection.
- A team of seasoned professionals who make customer satisfaction a priority.

Quality, made in France

- 100% of manufacturing carried out internally
- Strict quality monitoring at every manufacturing stage; ISO 9001 certification since 1998.
- 12 plastic extrusion lines. Sheathing for all kinds of wires and cables, manufacturing of tubes, rods, piping, 3D filament, granulate...
- A wide range of complementary finishings online: branding, mitre cuts, special packaging...

A well-performing industrial structure

- A believer in Lean Manufacturing and a flexible, responsive structure.
- The flexibility required to handle long or short series with tight deadlines.
- The ability to find fast, high-quality, economically sound solutions.

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Today, the challenges of technological markets require higher-than-standard quality, as well as collective intelligence. The notion of co-development plays a key role. Capifil develops, for you and in collaboration with you, innovative, effective solutions that meet your specific needs. Our technical office is equipped to assist you at any development stage:

Pre-project: you can take advantage of our technological monitoring and receive guidance before project start-up.
Materials analysis: selection of the most suitable materials for your project, recommendations concerning technical and/or innovative materials.

Assistance in drafting the specifications: together, we will draft a document containing the specifications (functional, technical, aesthetic, economic, environmental, etc.).
Prototyping and tests: creation of resin prototypes to verify that the computer-designed parts function properly.

2D and 3D design and modelling, plans: designing and simulating forms, visualizing operating clearances and stresses, making any necessary modifications.
Industrialisation : fine-tuning of tool designs, adaptation or design of the extrusion die, drafting of the product datasheet, finalization of the reverse planning.

« Innovation is a blend of research,
marketing, instinct, imagination and industrial bravery. »

Capifil offers a wide range of extruded products, produced through the processing of traditional materials: flexible or rigid PVC, PE, homo- or copolymer PP, cellulose acetate... Technical materials: POM, homo- or copolymer, PA6, PA6/6, standard and MOS² filled, PS, PA 11 and 12, standard and plastic, graphite filled, ABS, PC, TPE, PU, PEI... Innovative materials and alloys with improved performance.