750 g FLEXIBLE 3D printing filament

37,44 TTC 31,20 HT

Flexible 3D filament made with partially bio-sourced copolyester – content approx. 15%. This filament has 90 ShA flexibility.
Ideal for producing functional prototypes.

  • High impact and shock resistance,
  • Food safe,
  • UV resistance,
  • Made in France by Capifil.


Available with diam. of 1.75 mm
To order large volumes or specific materials, contact us for a customised quote.
Capifil 3D Flexible filament technical data sheet


3D Flexible 750g filament is partially bio-sourced Copolyester with 90 ShA flexibility. For use with a 3D printer using FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology.
Made in France by Capifil.



  • 3D filament made with partially bio-sourced Copolyester
  • With 90-ShA flexibility,
  • High impact and shock resistance,
  • Easy printing,
  • Food safe,
  • UV resistance,
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and chemical products,
  • Flexible even at low temperatures.



  • Capifil 3D Flexible filament is ideal for producing 3D objects that are resistant to shock and impact.
  • Ideal for producing objects and prototypes with a need for flexibility,
  • Particularly suited for food safe use.


Technical information

3D Flexible filaments are ideal for professional and home 3D printing. Suitable for 3D printers with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology with a heated bed.

Technical characteristics-FLEXIBLE


  • Use a printer with a direct-drive extruder to pull rather than push the material.
  • Adapt the size of the nozzle to the features of the required model. Use a nozzle of at least 0.4 to optimise bonding between layers.
  • Complies with RoHS standards.
  • Two-year warranty.


Download the Capifil 3D Flexible filament technical data sheet


Experts in plastic extrusion, Capifil designs, manufactures and sells a range of 3D filaments for production of 3D prototypes, technical parts and objects. Our range of 3D filaments is designed for professionals with the highest standards including industrial firms, R&D units and designers, as well as home 3D printing.
All our 3D printing filaments are designed, made and packaged in France in our plastic extrusion factory in Cras, in the Isère region.