Plastic Extrusion


CAPIFIL specialises in plastic extrusion of technical products :

For over 20 years CAPIFIL has been providing plastic extruding and co-extruding services to demanding customers and has reinforced its expertise on the following products:

  • tubes, strings and profiles made from thermoplastic material
  • thermoplastic coating on steel, copper, stainless steel and plastic tubes
  • manufacturing of shots for de-burring
  • manufacturing of plastic coated steel sheaths
  • trade.

Owing to our large industrial park, we are able to meet the needs of SMEs and large international groups in the following sectors: automobile, aeronautic, household equipment, cable works, sports and leisure, geothermal energy and electricity.



  • Plastic components for the leather goods sector

    CAPIFIL now manufactures and offers a complete range of new products for the luxury leather goods sector: bands, piping and other profiles, extruded with technical plastics, used to reinforce and hold bags, suitcases and other luggage articles or saddlery articles.jonc rm
    This range of sheaths and extruded piping was previously proposed by RM Plastic, CAPIFIL took over the manufacturing in its factory in December 2014. RM Plastic, was located in the Paris region for over 45 years and specialized in the manufacture of thermoplastic technical articles for the luxury leather goods sector but also for boating, toys, caravan fitting and sports.


  • New range of consumables for 3D printers

    CAPIFIL now offers new technical filaments for 3D printers in traditional PLA or ABS materials and in technical alloys (Ø 1.75 and Ø 3.0mm). This new line of products extruded in our factory has been developed in close collaboration with a French research center specialized in innovative technical materials and their industrial applications.

    This offer on plastic thread consumables is specifically for industrials using 3D printing technology and is compatible with most current 3D printer models.

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