Plastic Extrusion


CAPIFIL specialises in plastic extrusion of technical products :

For over 20 years CAPIFIL has been providing plastic extruding and co-extruding services to demanding customers and has reinforced its expertise on the following products:

  • tubes, strings and profiles made from thermoplastic material
  • thermoplastic coating on steel, copper, stainless steel and plastic tubes
  • manufacturing of shots for de-burring
  • manufacturing of plastic coated steel sheaths
  • trade.

Owing to our large industrial park, we are able to meet the needs of SMEs and large international groups in the following sectors: paramedical, automobile, aeronautic, household equipment, cable works, sports and leisure, geothermal energy and electricity.



  • Investement in a new extruder

    CAPIFIL continues to make investments with the aim of modernising its equipment; consequently we have purchased a new extruding line capable of transforming a wide range of engineered plastic materials. This machine has been installed since 2010 and already covers the production of several engineered tubes.

    An other one will be installed mid 2011. This new extruder will be dedicated to technical products such Polyamide, POM, PEI...

  • A new material : PEI


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