HOMECOMPOST-3D 500g filament natural colour

39,50 TTC 32,92 HT

Containing mainly bio-sourced materials, Home Compost filament is entirely biodegradable in home compost bins. As a result, the carbon footprint of manufactured items is reduced. What’s more, this filament is perfectly food safe. Home Compost filament has excellent stiffness for a wide range of applications such as single-use or life-limited parts, and for the production of biodegradable parts for use in the natural environment.

AVAILABLE FROM 20 OCTOBER (product launch at 3D PRINT PARIS) – Delivered to you on 30 October.
Product launch offer: Discount: 10% off from 21/09 to 21/10/2021 for the first 100 reels purchased. Reserve your Home Compost filament now! Offer valid while stocks last.

Natural colour (white appearance), available with diam. of 1.75 mm
Large volume orders or specific materials: ask us for a customised quote


HOMECOMPOST-3D 500g natural-coloured filament is entirely biodegradable in home compost bins. Once biodegraded by micro-organisms, it becomes general-purpose compost.
Made in France by Capifil.


  • Largely bio-sourced materials
  • Completely decomposes in a home compost bin.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of manufactured components
  • Food safe
  • Easy printing, effective bonding between layers
  • High rigidity and resistance to impacts
  • Shiny white and natural in appearance
  • Sensitive to moisture, heat and micro-organisms



  • Prototypes (visual and functional validation), models
  • Single-use or life-limited parts
  • Objects requiring biodegradability for use in the natural environment for agriculture, gardening and green spaces
  • Everyday objects, decoration
  • Any object aiming for a reduced environmental impact


Technical properties:

HOMECOMPOST-3D filament is ideal for 3D-printing in professional and domestic environments. Suitable for 3D printers with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology with a heated bed.

Technical characteristics-ABS HOMECOMPOST-3D


  • Ideal extrusion temperature of 170° without cooling or 180° with 100% cooling from the 2ndlayer
  • Respect melting temperature of 170°- 180° to avoid stringing
  • Use a printer with a direct-drive extruder to pull rather than push the material


Experts in plastic extrusion, Capifil designs, manufactures and sells a range of 3D filaments for the production of 3D prototypes, technical parts and everyday objects. Our range of filaments is designed for demanding professionals in the industrial sector, R&D departments and designers, as well as users of home 3D printers.
All our 3D printing filaments are designed, made and packaged in France, in our plastic extrusion factory in Cras, in the Isère region.

Download the Capifil HOMECOMPOST 3D filament technical data sheet