Discover our promotional pack bulk offers giving you a special discount of 10%! Capifil offers a selection of PLA, ABS and PETG 3D printing filaments for bulk purchase.

PLA is a biopolymer made from renewable resources (plant-based sugars). It is biodegradable, easy to print and offers good visual quality. > Extrusion temperature: between 195 and 210 °C.

ABS is the main material used for 3D printing. It is resistant to impact, temperature fluctuations and scratches. > Extrusion temperature: between 240 and 260 °C. Bed temperature: 90 to 110°C.

PETG is a transparent filament suitable for contact with food that provides good mechanical resistance. > Extrusion temperature: 220°C. Bed temperature: 80°C.

Capifil is a French company with 25 years of expertise in plastic extrusion, and guarantees you a high-quality filament that’s 100% French.

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