CAPI'EASY - Filament ABS

CAPI’EASY – Filament ABS

ABS is a copolymer modified by the elastomer butadiene (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that offers high impact and crack resistance (also at low temperatures). It is distinguished by its high surface quality, high scratch resistance and good thermal stability.

Parts made from ABS are ideal for producing functional prototypes or components.

– A leading material in 3D printing.
– Resistant to impact and temperature fluctuations.
– Extrusion temperature: between 240 and 260°C. Bed temperature: 90 to 110°C.
– Recyclable.

Manufacturing 3D printing filament requires solid expertise in material formulation and filler material preparation. Capifil, a French company with 25 years of expertise in plastic extrusion, will provide you with advice and ensure high-quality production.

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