Capifil has just joined the community of French manufacturers

Capifil has just joined the community of French manufacturers

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What is the French Fab?

The French Fab embodies the companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France that recognise their desire to develop French industry and to network their energies.

Why has Capifil joined this community?

Capifil identifies itself in the values conveyed by the French Fab:

– Pride in French production and creating human and industrial value in our country

– Accelerating industrial transformation by implementing the innovative concepts of Industry 4.0

– Strengthen the attractiveness of industrial jobs through information and training.

As a major player in the manufacture of nasal clips for masks and 3D filament, Capifil has the concepts of innovation, network and proximity channel engraved in its DNA. Joining the French Fab is therefore a step that was desired and welcomed by all the members of the team!

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