Capifil, manufacturing polypropylene and plastic tubes for 25 years

Construction of buried networks, fluid transport, cable protection… are you looking for an expert polypropylene tube manufacturer with short delivery times? Capifil, a manufacturer of polypropylene tubes and plastic tubes for over 25 years, will help you design and manufacture a plastic tube that meets your specifications.

  • Plastic tubes: from very thin to very thick

CAPIFIL manufactures technical plastic tubes through extrusion or co-extrusion, from Ø 0.3 x 0.5 mm  capillary plastic tubes to Ø 30 mm thermoplastic pipes.

  • From flexible to rigid

Extruded plastic tubes, whether flexible or rigid depending on the thermoplastic materials used, can be used as liquid or gas fluid transportation pipes or ducts (low, medium or high pressure), insulating sheaths, sliding sheaths for cable remote controls, and for many other functions.
Capifil, a manufacturer of polypropylene and plastic tubes, will be able to advise you.

  • From simple to complex forms

All types of extruded plastic tubes are studied and precisely manufactured on our own extrusion lines. They can take many forms, from simple to highly complex, depending on the technical role they are intended for.
Capifil, a manufacturer of polypropylene and plastic tubes, can manufacture the custom form that meets your needs.

  • A large selection of materials

Based on specific specifications or merely a function to be filled, one or multiple technical solutions will be proposed to meet your plastic tube needs, using the most suitable plastic materials.

  • Conventional materials: PVC, PE and PP
  • Technical plastic resins such as POM, PA, ABS, PC, TPE, etc.

Capifil, a manufacturer of polypropylene and plastic tubes, can assist you in choosing a suitable material.

  •  Multiple applications:

Automotive, aeronautics, homewares, sports equipment, gardening and leisure equipment, industry…

Many companies put their trust in Capifil, a manufacturer of polypropylene and plastic tubes with 25 years of experience; why not you as well? Contact us at 04 76 07 93 76 or by email at We will be happy to advise you and answer your queries.