New Actifil 3D: plastic thread for 3D printing

New Actifil 3D: plastic thread for 3D printing

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A brand dedicated to plastic thread for 3D printing, Actifil 3D is a complete range of reels of plastic filaments, compatible with all kinds of 3D printers.

1/ High-quality consumables for 3D printers
CAPIFIL offers new technical filaments for 3D printers:

  • Made from conventional materials, PLA or ABS
  • Made from technical alloys (Ø 1.75 and Ø 3.0 mm).

This new range of extruded products and plastic thread for 3D printers has been developed in close collaboration with the French research centre specialized in innovative technical materials and their industrial applications.
This offering of plastic thread for 3D printers is primarily intended for:
– manufacturers using 3D printing technology,
– architecture firms,
– engineering firms…
any company that needs to create prototypes and possesses a 3D printer.

2/ A dedicated website
Photos and information on our range of plastic threads for 3D printers can be viewed on:
the dedicated product page for plastic thread for 3D printers
or on our website

3/ Easy ordering and delivery
Capifil has a permanent inventory of standard models and colours of plastic thread for 3D printers, which allows for very fast delivery.
Do you have an urgent or unexpected need? Don’t hesitate to contact us to place your order directly by phone at +33 (0)4 76 07 93 76.