Studies and tools

A consultancy role on design and manufacturing and material selection

CAPIFIL participates in studying and designing engineered tubes and profiles to be manufactured and advises industrialists on the selection of thermoplastic materials to be adopted.

The extrusion tools are designed by CAPIFIL and manufactured by selected partners to guarantee the perfect quality of the extruded, co-extruded or coated products.



A made to measure technical solution

One or several technical solutions adapted to each project are proposed from precise specifications or from a simple function to be fulfilled. These plastic extrusion or co-extrusion solutions recommend the most adapted engineered materials such as traditional PVC, PE and PP or such as engineered plastic resins like POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA 11 and 12, ABS, PC, PU TPE, as well as the most adapted selection of co-extrusion methods, tools and equipment to ensure cost-effectiveness of the end product.


CAPIFIL has been specialising in plastic extrusion and co-extrusion for almost 20 years and offers a wide range of extruded or co-extruded products: plastic tubes, plastic profiles, plastic strings, plastic sheaths, plastic wires, plastic cords, etc.

Products & innovations


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