Steel sheaths

For numerous fields of application

CAPIFIL manufactures metal sheaths from steel spring wire ranging between 0.60 mm and 2.0 mm in dia. for the following sectors:

Automobile, agricultural, aviation, welding and manufacturers. The metal sheaths are made to be used for manufacturing mechanical remote controls. They fall within the composition of handbrake cables, siphon draining hatch or cover opening, safety equipment such as manual lock unlocking, accelerator cable, mechanical counter cable, etc. We also have a full range of wear ducts for welding torches for aluminium or flux cored wires.


... In the most adapted materials

Our sheaths which are offered in flat or cylindrical wires, galvanised or ungalvanised carbon or stainless steel, are made in joined or unjoined spires. Some are fitted with an internal plastic sliding tube. They may be coated with plastic protection material. We offer traditional plastic materials such as PVC, PE and PP as well as engineered materials for fire resistance and abrasion. PUs, PA11s and PA12s, TPUs and their derivatives are also a part of current implementation solutions.

A made to measure solution

We offer an adapted metal sheath from specifications or a simple description of the function to be filled. It will be created or selected from amongst the many references in our catalogue.

CAPIFIL possesses peripherals to cut up, section, deburr, crimp and package upon request. This equipment allows us to provide a comprehensive and rapid service for small or large series.

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