Extrusion of plastic tubes

Plastic tubes : from thin to very thick :

CAPIFIL extrudes or co-extrudes thermoplastic engineered plastic tubes, from 0.3 x 0.5 mm dia. plastic capillary tubes to 30 mm dia. pipes

For the most wide ranging fields of activity :

from automobile, aeronautical, household equipment, sport, gardening and leisure, etc. + photo sectors of activity here....


From the most flexible to the most rigid...

Extruded plastic tubes use insulating sheaths, fluid or gas carrying sheaths or tubes (low, medium or high pressure). Sliding for remote control by cable. Flexible or rigid. They are designed and manufactured with precision on our own extruders.

... on numerous substrates :

Several co-extrusion lines apply plastic coatings on several substrates: steel or copper tubes, steel cables or wires, textile or glass fibres, etc., for protection, insulation, to improve rigidity or aestheticism, etc.


From the simplest to the most complex shape...

All profiles and extruded plastic profiles are designed and produced with precision on our own extruding lines. They come in all shapes from the simplest to the most complex depending on their technical role.

... In the most adapted materials :

One or several technical solutions are proposed from precise specifications or from a simple function to be fulfilled, thus providing the most adapted plastic materials. Traditional materials such as PVC, PE and PP or engineered plastic resins such as POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA11 and PA12, ABS, PC, TPE... CAPIFIL oversees the design and manufacturing of the most cost-effective tools adapted to the objective.

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