Extrusion of plastic sheaths


From the most flexible to the most rigid...

CAPIFIL extrudes or co-extrudes thermoplastic engineered sheaths for numerous functions in automobile, household equipment, sport, gardening and leisure sectors from 0.5 x 1 mm dia. plastic sheaths to 30 mm sheaths.

The extruded plastic sheaths, protection sheaths, insulating sheaths and fluid or gas carrying sheaths (low, medium or high pressure) are designed and produced on our own extruding lines.

A made to measure technical solution

One or several technical solutions are proposed from precise specifications or from a simple function to be fulfilled. These solutions recommend traditional materials such as PVC, PE and PP or engineered materials such as POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA11 and PA12, ABS, PC, PU TPE. The final selection is based on cost‑effectiveness. It is within the same industrial logic that CAPIFIL designs tools and defines manufacturing processes and methods by adapting the extrusion lines to market needs.

CAPIFIL has been specialising in plastic extrusion for almost 20 years and offers a wide range of extruded sheaths: plastic sheaths, polyethylene sheaths, polyamide sheaths, polypropylene sheaths, engineered plastic sheaths, ABS sheaths, transparent plastic sheaths, PVC sheaths, PU sheaths and POM sheaths.

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