Extrusion of plastic profiles


Plastic profiles: all shapes fall within a 30 mm diameter

CAPIFIL extrudes or co-extrudes thermoplastic engineered profiles and profiles from a micro profile with 1 mm side dimensions to a 30 mm profile

For the most wide-ranging fields of activity

for many industrial purposes: automobile, aeronautical, household equipment, gardening and leisure, cable works, etc.

From the simplest to the most complex shape

All profiles and extruded plastic profiles are designed and produced with precision on our own extruding lines. They come in all shapes from the simplest to the most complex depending on their technical role.

Made to measure solutions

One or several technical solutions are proposed to the customer from precise specifications or from a simple function to be fulfilled. CAPIFIL proposes the plastic material (s) adapted to the project

... In the most adapted materials

These solutions recommend traditional materials such as PVC, PE and PP or engineered plastic materials such as POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA 11 and 12, ABS, PC, TPE.., in close cooperation with the customers and suppliers, CAPIFIL monitors the tools and controls the manufacturing processes with goal of ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Products & innovations


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