Plastic co-extrusion

What is plastic co-extrusion?

Plastic co-extrusion involves continuously extruding two components or thermoplastic materials simultaneously. It makes it possible to manufacture ready to use co-extruded engineered products with specific functions.


co-extrusion-industrie Applications on many substrates

For many years, we have been using bi-material extrusion or co-extrusion to produce bi-material engineered plastic profiles and plastic coatings on many substrates: steel or copper tubes, mechanical cables, steel wires, textile or glass fibres etc., for protection, insulation, rigidity and aestheticism.

For numerous fields of application

The co-extrusion process is applied in numerous areas: aviation, automobile, household equipment, geothermal energy, sports and toys, etc.

A made to measure technical solution

We propose one or several technical solutions from precise specifications or from a simple function to be fulfilled.

… In the most adapted materials

The co-extrusion solutions recommend either traditional materials such as PVC, PE, and PP or engineered materials such as POM, PA6, PA6/6, PA11, PA12, ABS, PC, TPE and PU. The final selection is determined in cooperation with our partners with the aim of cost-effectiveness for the function required.

CAPIFIL has been specialising in plastic extrusion and co-extrusion for almost 20 years and offers a wide range of co-extruded products: plastic tubes, plastic profiles, plastic strings, plastic sheaths, etc.

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